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Silvio Micali & Steven Kokinos: Algorand – In Pursuit of the Blockchain Trilemma

Episode Summary

As the industry is focused on Layer 2 solutions to scale transaction capacity of public blockchains, Algorand believes the blockchain trilemma is a result of current technological limitations.

Episode Notes

The blockchain trilemma is the generally accepted concept that it's not possible to scale public and permissionless blockchains without compromising on security, decentralization, or both.

While the industry seems focused on building Layer 2 solutions to scale the transaction capacity of public networks, Algorand believes it has solved the trilemma, offering a network that scales without compromise to security or decentralization.

Silvio Micali, Algorand's Founder and Head of Research, as well as the company's CEO, Steven Kokinos, discuss the project's background, recent protocol upgrades, and how Algorand will create a great ecosystem for developers.

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